DSL4SPM: Domain Specific Language for Software Process Modelling.

DSL4SPM was originally developed as Visual Studio Plugin under the Framework of the Domain Specific Language (DSL Tool). The aim of this project was to develop a multi-perspective conceptual environment enabling software process modelling and visualization that allows software development organisations to much more effectively and efficiently conceptualize process models. We have demonstrated the feasibility of this technology through the development of four selected perspectives as a proof-of-concept: Activity-oriented; knowledge-oriented; Alignment-oriented; and simulation-oriented. The tool has been used in conjunction with industry partners.

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You can download the tool DSL4SPM 1.5.2

PMA (Process Model Analysis) is a tool dedicated to process measurement and analysis based on GQM.

Buildupload is a tool for uploading the result of automated builds from a server to another. For instance, from the server of continuous integration to the staging server for tests purposes.

Few minutes after a web-based software release, the release team might encounter either a system crashing, or hanging, or with poor performance. While researchers have concentrated on developing models for predicting post-release software reliability, little attention has been given to other factors leading to release issues. 

a tool to Kanbanize the release process. Release management process must be adapted when IT organizations scale up to avoid discontinuity at the release flow and to preserve the software quality. This paper reports on means to improve the release process in a large-scale project. It discusses the rationale behind adopting Kanban principles for release management, how to implement these principles within a transitional approach, and what are the benefits. The paper discusses the post-transitional product to assess the status of the outcomes.

Research Area

Process Modeling

How to conceptualize a software process model that fit the size of your organization and its culture? and how to analyze the breakdown list of activities in order to identify potential improvements?
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Software Release Engineering

What kind of activities the Release Engineering is responsible for? and how we can support, with tools and practices, modern organizations to perform effective software releases?
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Empirical Soft. Engineering

We also focus on Software Team Dynamics through Empirical Studies of coordination and congruence between software team' members.
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