I am an Assistant Professor at the National Higher School for Computer Science and System Analysis (ENSIAS)- Rabat, Morocco where I work with embedded and Mobile team. Prior to this position, I was (3 years) the Integrator and Release Manager within an on-line payment company based in Montreal, Canada and India.

My post-doc, funded by an NSERC 2 years fellowship, was in an industrial context working, but not limited, on Knowledge Representation and Analysis inside software development and maintenance teams developing large scale systems, prior to that, I worked (1 year) as a consultant collaborating with private and governmental institutions. I have also a seven years experience as Software Engineer at the Custom Administration doing Software Design, Development, and Systems Administration.

I received a Ph.D in Computer Science in 2010, from Polytechnic School of Montreal, under the supervision of Dr. Pierre-N Robillard. My research interests include Process Modelling, improvement of software processes and practices, Continuous Integration/Builds/Delivery, Software Release Engineering, Source Code Branching Strategies for parallel development, Post-release Failures Analysis, Software Team members’ Coordination, Requirements Engineering, Tooling, and Empirical Software Engineering.

I also received a Master's degree in Business Administration from HEC Montreal (2008).

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Noureddine Kerzazi's Research


Our Vision: We try to engage with researchers throughout the world in informal and project-centered networks. 


Research Area

Process Modeling

How to conceptualize a software process model that fit the size of your organization and its culture? and how to analyze the breakdown list of activities in order to identify potential improvements?
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Software Release Engineering

What kind of activities the Release Engineering is responsible for? and how we can support, with tools and practices, modern organizations to perform effective software releases?
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Empirical Soft. Engineering

We also focus on Software Team Dynamics through Empirical Studies of coordination and congruence between software team' members.
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