Survey: Release Engineering: What's in a Name?

Together with a colleague, we are performing a short online survey to understand the key tasks that modern release engineers need to perform, as well as the challenges that they experience during those tasks. We want to write down the survey’s results in an article aimed at less technical roles such as managers, in order to clear up the mythical role of release engineer. This is important, since many of those people are the ones with the power of deciding whether and who should be hired as new release engineer.

The survey only takes 5 to 10 minutes, and is entirely anonymous. Results will be aggregated, so it is impossible to link the results back to individual release engineers.

This is the link to our form:

We’d be very happy if you could participate in this survey.

Thanks in advance,

Research Area

Process Modeling

How to conceptualize a software process model that fit the size of your organization and its culture? and how to analyze the breakdown list of activities in order to identify potential improvements?
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Software Release Engineering

What kind of activities the Release Engineering is responsible for? and how we can support, with tools and practices, modern organizations to perform effective software releases?
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Empirical Soft. Engineering

We also focus on Software Team Dynamics through Empirical Studies of coordination and congruence between software team' members.
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